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Headlamps are colloquially called headlamps. They are attached directly to the forehead or on the helmet with special straps. Headlamps can also be worn over protective helmets. These accessories are extremely practical, because they allow you to illuminate the space in front of us, while leaving your hands free. In addition, the beam of light is directed exactly where we want to look, because the flashlight turns with the head of the wearer. There is no risk that the light coming from the headlamp will blind the person using it, because these devices have a special housing.

Who is the rechargeable headlamp for?

The headlamp will prove useful in many situations, so it is worth having such a device both at home and in the car. Rechargeable power supply is recommended for people who care about the long working time of the flashlight. Very often the headlamp is used by rescue services, anglers, climbers, cavers, as well as workers who perform their tasks in difficult conditions, in poor lighting. Undoubtedly, this type of flashlight will work, for example, in a car workshop and in a bag with electrician's tools. A head torch and other gadgets, such as knives, are mandatory equipment during camping.

Headlamps worth trusting

When buying a headlamp, we hope that it will be reliable, so it is worth choosing a product of a recognized brand. The Petzl headlamp is definitely a good choice, as it is famous for its durability and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, as well as to potential mechanical factors. This means that we do not have to worry that the flashlight will stop working due to shock or impact. It is also worth knowing that Petzl was the first to introduce headlamps for touring applications, in 1973. The Mactronic headlamp is also worth recommending, which will meet the requirements of every professional.

What headlamp?

When choosing a headlamp, we should be guided by what we want to use it for, what is its power, lighting mode, power system, lighting time and colors. In 2000, the first LED headlamps appeared on the market, consuming much less energy and weighing less. When choosing a headlamp, pay special attention to the power of the light source, which is given in lumens. Currently, the most powerful LEDs can illuminate the road up to several hundred meters. Modern headlamps usually have several operating modes. You can choose, for example, the intensity of light that is appropriate at a given moment, thanks to which there is a chance to extend the working time of this device by setting it to the economy mode. If we use headlamps sporadically, the one powered by AAA batteries should be enough for us. However, in the case of intensive use, it is worth considering purchasing a rechargeable headlamp.