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Knee pads are an element of workwear worn for the sake of personal safety. Therefore, when shopping, pay attention to the quality of the materials from which your knee pads are made.

Why you should invest in good quality kneepads?

Choosing good work knee pads is not easy, they should be very durable and light at the same time. It is best to choose protective knee pads for the trousers you wear and your own predispositions. Each of us has a different definition of convenience. Often, companies match the work knee pads to the trousers with the help of appropriate cutouts on the pads and sew on the trousers. Such protectors, corresponding to the trousers, were patented by the Snickers company. Their Knee Knee Pads 9110 are compatible with all Snickers Workwear Trouser models equipped with the KneeGuard System. Thanks to this system, you can be sure that your knee pads will not move while working on your knees. In some companies, safety protectors can be cut to size. An example of such protective knee pads are the e.s.knee pads by Engelbert Strauss.

Kneepads for construction workers

Knee pads are the part of workwear that is required by health and safety regulations. When choosing external knee pads, i.e. those that cannot be put into a trouser pocket, you can focus on their appearance. The most popular color of choice among all available colors is black. Paving and construction knee pads are available in leather, rubber, foam, plastic and gel versions. Most of the knee pads can be washed together with the pants, you don't even have to take them out, but it's best to read the instructions before washing.

Kneepads in the work of a pavement perform an extremely important function. Almost half of the knee diseases are caused by their incorrect or insufficient protection. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent this from happening. Do not let the oversight lead to the loss of health. Take care of your knees by securing them properly. An investment in professional construction knee pads affects your future.

Kneepad prices

The prices of paving knee pads start from 4 euro, but if you work in this position on a daily basis, it is worth investing in professional models of protective knee pads. The price of knee pads depends primarily on the materials used to produce them. In our store you will find knee pads from ToughBuilt, one of the most popular brands of protective accessories, almost unavailable in Poland. GelFit Fanatic knee pads, apart from the highest quality materials, are equipped with leg stabilizing belts, thanks to which your limbs will be under the best protection.