Every year, several hundred thousand parcels, cartons, packaging, foil envelopes in which we accept or send products to our customers pass through our warehouse in Nowa Sól. The longer we operate on the market, the more we are aware of the huge impact of e-commerce business on the environment and how important it is that we start taking small steps towards reducing our impact on the environment.

Cardboard recycling - don't be upset when you get a crumpled box

From the beginning of 2022, we started a cardboard packaging recycling project in the company. We try to sort, select and reuse shipping boxes that are returned to us. If only their physical condition allows it, they get another chance to reach our customers with their dream product. First, of course, we conducted an appropriate survey among our users and researched whether it would be too burdensome. The response exceeded our expectations. Nearly 90% of those voting in our Instagram and Facebook polls were in favour. So are we!

What were the benefits of the recycling program? Depending on the current possibilities, we ship from 2 to 5% of our orders in Poland. This is our joint success! Thanks to our cooperation with customers, we manage to reduce the amount of packaging placed on the market.

Cardboard for recycled cartons and bio poly mailers

When we start cooperation with companies producing packaging for us, it is important for us that the packaging material is recycled or biodegradable. That is why all our cartons, paper bags for shops and plastic bags are made of recycled materials.

Membership in ecological organizations

As an importer and exporter of goods and packaging, we participate in many waste management and recycling organizations. This is part of the policy of extended responsibility of companies from the e-commerce sector for their actions. In this way, we cover the costs of both packaging introduced to our home market and the European markets where we operate. Unfortunately, this is also a price factor. We must not forget that the costs of these activities directly affect the prices of products. Fortunately, so far, our users show full understanding and accept that we are a few zlotys more expensive.

Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister - is a government organization that supervises the packaging market in Germany. Every year we pay membership fees for shipping and importing packaging from Germany.

Leko Organisme Responsables - a government organization that oversees the packaging market in France. Each year, we pay the appropriate membership fees for shipments of goods and imports from France.

Refrashion Eko - a governmental organization supervising the clothing and footwear recycling market in France. As France is one of our key markets, we are involved in creating a market for recycling workwear and footwear in France.


What can no longer be used, we recycle. Do our cartons just go to the landfill? Not. Of course, we hand over everything to the appropriate company specializing in the recovery of raw materials! Cartons to cartons, foil to foil, labels to labels, and so on all year round. Here, a big bow to our warehouse crew, who meticulously segregates garbage into appropriate containers and then forwards it for recycling. Such transports are with us at least once a week!

We will share with you further successes in reducing our environmental impact. Stay with us and if you have any idea what can be improved, write to Igor at