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In the safety glasses category you will find the best accessories to protect your eyes at work. It is not worth saving on eye protection, choose good safety glasses from our store.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses are part of the equipment that is required by health and safety regulations. Before choosing work glasses, it is worth finding out about the applicable safety rules at your workplace. Your choices should depend on it. Working safety glasses are adapted to the risks in the workplace and each will have different properties, among the glasses available from us you will find, among others: chemical glasses, non-steaming glasses, anti-spatter glasses, anti-dust glasses and others.

Working glasses

Good safety glasses should guarantee protection from the sun's rays. In this case, we recommend Uvex safety glasses, designed to protect against eye-damaging splashes, impacts (45m / s) and harmful UV radiation. If you wear corrective glasses outside of work, it's no problem, choose protective covers for corrective glasses. These glasses are equipped with temples and an adjustable angle of inclination of the lenses, which will provide you with the comfort of wearing. Some of the models available in our store can also be worn outside of work. The unique, modern design will allow you to feel good and fashionable, also outside the work area. We mainly recommend Ergodyne glasses, the sporty look of these glasses makes them universal outside the workplace, e.g. on a walk or on a bicycle trip. You can choose sunglasses, tinted or clear. Different colors of the frames of working glasses will allow you to get rid of unwanted monotony: brown, green, transparent, black, gray and others.

Glasses for work

Work glasses are an extremely important aspect. In our online store and in stationary stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia, there are protective glasses for many works. Protective glasses, such as: glasses for continuous work, construction, paint, carpentry, drilling, cutting, sandblasting wood, electricians, grinders, handymen and others. We have everything you need!

Prices of safety glasses

The prices of safety glasses for work depend, among other things, on the protection class to which they belong, the materials from which they are made, and the manufacturer. In our store, only the best, global brands are available, such as: 3M, Uvex, Ergodyne, etc. We make sure that you can feel safe and comfortable in your work.

Laboratory safety glasses

Specialized protective glasses, e.g. for work in a chemical laboratory, should be extremely durable and resistant to any dangerous splinters. It is worth paying attention to the fact that they perfectly adhere to the face. Nothing should get through the gaps in the glasses, so fitting professional protective glasses is the first step to proper eye protection. We also recommend protective goggles for this type of work.