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Work trousers let’s start with basics

Comfortable work trousers are the basis of the work outfit. Professional safety trousers are available in a wide range of sizes, as evidenced by, for example, work trousers for tall and slim. Every employee whose clothes are exposed to deterioration during work should be equipped with work trousers by their employer. This element of workwear is available in a wide range of colors, both single-color trousers (e.g. black, navy blue, gray, brown) as well as two-color or even camo work trousers are available.

Types of work trousers

Work trousers do not only differ in color, a much more important feature that should be taken into account when buying this type of product is the cut. Our store offers Bib & Brace Trousers, cargo trousers and even work jeans. Work pants with detachable legs and tapered work pants with a modern design are an interesting proposition.

Work trousers for every condition

Construction and road workers have to perform their duties regardless of the weather, so their workwear must provide protection and thermal comfort in all conditions. Manufacturers offer both thin work pants for the summer, which are most often made of cotton, and warm work pants. Airy work and assembly work trousers should have a lower material weight and a natural composition, e.g. 100% cotton. In the case of work trousers for winter, it is also important that they are waterproof, protect against strong winds, and at the same time allow the skin to breathe and transport moisture to the outside.

What features should work trousers have?

Responding to the needs of representatives of various professional groups, manufacturers of workwear, i.e. garments such as work jacketswork sweatshirts & hoodies and work trousers, come up with better and better amenities that make manual work less strenuous. An example may be Cordura knee reinforcements, which are equipped with, among others, Engelbert Strauss trousers and Dassy work trousers. On the other hand, some Snickers trousers have mesh vents under the knees for added skin comfort. Many work trousers models also have special pockets for work knee pads and inserts made of flexible materials that increase the comfort of working in unusual positions, e.g. kneeling.

Is it a good idea to buy premium work trousers?

Workwear from various manufacturers is available on the market and the price range is extremely wide. Some people try to save by choosing cheap work clothes, but very often poor quality is also behind a low price. Premium workwear, including trousers, is a higher standard than the models from the market. Branded work pants are more comfortable, made of better materials and more durable. When you buy work pants from recognized manufacturers, you won't have to worry about how to tie the harness in your work pants.