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Snickers work trousers will ensure your safety at the highest level. Thanks to them, you have a guarantee that all health and safety rules have been complied with.

Why choose Snickers Workwear pants?

Snickers workwear work clothes is the most recommended item in the professional workwear market. This is not only because of the uncompromising design of the Snickers Workwear pants, but also because of the wide range of possibilities and sizes. Are you looking for roofing, construction, reflective and warning trousers, or maybe for floor work? Our store has everything you need. In the color palette of Snickers pants, you will find such colors as: white, black, blue, green and even camo. Are you looking for something unique, and at the same time something in which you will feel like every day? You can find work trousers made of 100% cotton. The fact that work trousers are uncomfortable has become a myth thanks to the Snickers brand! Work trousers of this brand enjoy the best opinion among customers, because they are made of materials that ensure flexibility, comfort, and unrestricted movement at work. Some models are equipped with a hydrophobic layer that will protect you from moisture and water. Would you like to choose work trousers to suit the season? We offer short work trousers for the warmer seasons, but also long and insulated trousers for the winter. If you are a supporter of the Snickers company, but you prefer dungarees, you will also find them in our store.

Snickers fitting pants

Snickers work trousers are suitable for every type of activity. When choosing assembly pants, it is worth paying attention to whether they are equipped with the right number of pockets in which you can fit everything you need. The offer includes pants with additional pocket bags, which will also allow you to find a place for your phone or ID card. Cordura reinforced pockets are fastened with extremely strong Velcro, you can be sure that nothing will fall out of these pants. All Snickers men's work trousers are flexible, so your movements will not be restricted. In addition to fitting pants, our assortment also includes painting pants. The most frequently chosen color of painter's pants is white, because they are covered with a special coating that protects them against permanent stains. The trousers dedicated to painters also include a painting knife holder, which our customers appreciate very much.

Prices for Snickers pants

Despite the amazing possibilities of Snickers work pants, their prices start from €70 and end at over €200 for extremely professional pants, undoubtedly worth the price. The Snickers Stretch FlexiWork trousers are made of the highest quality material, fit the body and elastic. The prices of Snickers work pants largely depend on the materials they are made of, as well as the selected model. We encourage you to follow our online store, where you will find information about new products and available promotions.