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Work gloves are commonly used personal protective equipment at the workplace. They protect against the most common injuries - hand injuries. Currently, the choice of work gloves is so large that you can easily find not only universal models, but also proposals for specific tasks. Regardless of whether you are looking for gloves for the toughest work or you are a home DIY enthusiast - it is worth spending time choosing a model that will not only protect your hands, but will also be comfortable and functional.

Work gloves

Work gloves in the Baltic Workwear stoe are a variety of models: basic, useful in everyday work, and advanced, adapted to the most difficult conditions. The types of protective gloves offered include: coated work gloves, leather and hybrid work gloves, anti-cut or assembly gloves. In coated gloves, it is worth paying attention to the type of material and the weight. These versatile gloves come in handy for many tasks, so the more carefully they are made, the better. Most often they are made of elastic knitted fabric covered with a nitrile coating. What to look for? First of all, the breathability of the knitted fabric, but also the grip - the rough coating will provide better grip, and the higher its grammage, the greater the chance of water and oil resistance. Another factor to note is the fit of the cuff. Tight cuff will increase the comfort of use, but it should be flexible or adjustable, so that the gloves will be easier to put on. Leather and hybrid work gloves are also in common use among other models. They are made of natural leather and leather-like materials, as well as a combination of leather with technologically advanced materials. They are characterized by high resistance to abrasion and damage, and at the same time are often resistant to water. It is worth paying attention to thoughtful details, e.g. reinforcements in the upper part of the gloves. They protect the hands against blows, but at the same time do not limit the grip. Among the protective gloves for allergy sufferers, we recommend nitrile gloves - flexible, disposable and non-allergenic. Health and safety gloves should be selected with due diligence, because they not only protect against injuries, but also facilitate work. Good work gloves for precision work will not restrict freedom of movement and fit like a second skin. Do you perform dynamic work and expect multitasking from OHS gloves? No problem, more and more manufacturers offer single gloves for the right or left hand, so you can complete the perfect set.

Safety gloves

Protective gloves are available on the market in many variants. Are you wondering which manufacturer of work gloves to choose? Gloves in our workwear store come only from reputable brands of workwear and accessories. The Baltic Workwear offer includes Engelbert Strauss work gloves and Snickers work gloves - two top manufacturers, as well as the iconic Mechanix gloves, incl. Black work gloves from the Original series. All these models of work gloves are characterized by innovation and the use of unique materials. We also offer protective gloves from manufacturers such as Ansell, Portwest, Ergodyne or Kyorene. Some of the safety gloves are so functional and durable that they have become indispensable in the work of professionals. What models do experienced professionals recommend? At Baltic BHP, we pay attention to your suggestions and needs, so we know that you prefer to choose gloves that are durable and tear-resistant, and at the same time comfortable to use. Models that do not limit the precision of movements and provide a firm grip are popular, and if they are breathable and you can use them with a smartphone - many hours of work can go on without any problems.

Work gloves for craftsman

Good work gloves should meet a number of requirements. In terms of the level of protection, safety gloves are divided into classes I, II and III, depending on the level of risk during the work. The basic class of protection protects against superficial injuries - most cheap work gloves belong to this group. Group II safety gloves are used in work with medium risk. They are more resistant to abrasion or cutting, they also protect against temperature to a greater extent. The gloves for extreme conditions are class III. All specialized models should have pictograms and meet the requirements of specific standards. In extreme cases, gloves can save your life, so it is worth carefully verifying the properties of the product. Are you wondering which of the protective work gloves are necessary in your work? In case of doubt, we are always happy to help. Remember, the choice of safety gloves is so large that you will surely find a comfortable model that meets your guidelines.

How much should work gloves cost?

In the case of workwear, cheaper does not usually mean better, and high-quality models often last longer, which in the long run allows you to save on your work clothes. The prices of work gloves are closely related to their protective properties as well as the brand. At the lowest price, you can buy cotton safety gloves, disposable products and other basic models from the 1st protection class. Durable work gloves cost from several dozen zlotys up. Importantly, most good manufacturers offer different sizes of work gloves, thanks to which it is possible to fit them perfectly in the hand. Men's work gloves are more and more often characterized by a modern design. Black work gloves are no longer the only choice - today's designs are about attractive colors, combining interesting textures and materials. When working with plasters, paints and other dirty substances, you can choose white work gloves, thanks to which you will keep their fresh look for longer. Do you like to stand out from other employees? Therefore, we propose red work gloves that will emphasize your official outfit. Familiarize yourself with our offer and choose something for yourself!