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Colder days are approaching, and you still don't have anything warmer in your wardrobe? This softshell sweatshirt is what you need!

Why choose softshell work jackets?

The answer to this question is not complicated. Men's softshell work sweatshirts will provide you with the necessary protection against wind and cold during cold autumn evenings. By investing in a good, durable softshell jacket, you ensure both wearing comfort and thermal comfort. In our store you will find softshell work jackets from recognized, recommended global brands. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the sweatshirts available from us are made of the best quality materials. Companies dealing with workwear, in order to meet the expectations of customers, try to ensure that the clothes they produce have an original, fashionable design. If you go for a walk in a softshell work jacket or go to the mountains, you can feel comfortable, no one will notice that it is a work sweatshirt. If you like warmth and one layer of fabric does not appeal to you, check out work fleeces or work sweatshirts with a fleece layer available in our stores. Working fleece is usually made of 100% polyester, providing excellent thermal insulation. Remember to focus on the applicable health and safety rules when choosing workwear. In addition to softshell jumpers for colder seasons, you will also find lighter versions: spring or summer.

Men's softshell sweatshirts - what is worth paying attention to?

You don't want to choose the same color of your sweatshirt again? Everyone at work is the same color, and you don't like monotony? Men's softshell sweatshirts don't have to be boring, you can go crazy. Stand out among your colleagues, choose from the colors available with us: green, black, orange, red, blue or navy blue. If your work requires low visibility workwear or you work after dark, you should pay attention to the fully reflective softshell workwear. These jumpers are supplemented with additional warning stripes. Can't decide which sweatshirt company to choose? Read reviews about work sweatshirts available on our store's website, and after shopping, also give us an opinion. Thanks to this, we will know what we should pay attention to in the future. The prices of the protective softshell sweatshirts available from us depend on the quality of the materials from which they are made.

Are there women's softshell sweatshirts?

Yes! On the store's website, there are also women's softshell work shirts. A wide range of colors will allow you to show yourself in style: pink, yellow, gray, black, red and others. You can choose from fitted, waist or looser sweatshirts. You are only limited by your imagination. Some models are equipped with drawstring hoods or fitted, elastic cuffs on the sleeves to help protect against the ingress of unwanted cold. In addition to softshell sweatshirts, our assortment also includes other necessary parts of women's workwear: jackets, pants, shoes, T-shirts, caps, thermoactive underwear, etc. Be sure to check out the "women's workwear" category and see for yourself that you will find something for myself.

BHP softshell sweatshirts

Are you wondering what softshell is and will it be right for you? We will try to answer the questions bothering you. Softshell is a material from which initially only sports, mountain clothes were made. However, it became so popular and appreciated by users that producers of workwear quickly met the expectations of their customers. Thanks to this, today in our store you can find softshell workwear adapted to work outdoors or in cool warehouses. If you work in an open space, it is worth choosing sweatshirts with a hood or a detachable hood. You will provide yourself with additional wind resistance. Would you rather try on a softshell sweatshirt yourself? Feel the warmth of this material? In addition to the online store, you will also find us stationary in Poznań, Nowa Sól or in Silesia. Can't find your size? Write to us, we will try to remedy it. Do you like wearing designer clothes? The articles in our store come only from the world's best producers of work clothes, such as: Engelbert Strauss, Snickers, Dassy and many others. We choose producers based on the opinions of our customers. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in the work clothes you buy from us. We also make sure that the clothing available with us is resistant to damage and adapted to the work performed.