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For many professionals, workwear is an everyday outfit in which they would like not only to work comfortably, but also to feel good. In the BalticWorkwear premium workwear store, we offer workwear of the highest quality, characterized by modern design and durability. Replace cheap workwear with our offers, and work will become a pleasure.


Work clothes are the basic means of protection. It not only protects against rain and wind, dirt or superficial injuries, but also ensures comfort of work, and in extreme cases it can save lives. Occupational health and safety clothing is divided into three protection classes depending on the risks associated with the performance of a given job. Safety class I clothing is used with a low degree of risk - such factors are e.g. rain and dirt. Class II occupational health and safety workwear is designed not only to fulfill the same functions as in class I, but also to protect against health and life hazards. This category includes, among others antistatic and flame retardant clothes, as well as high-vis clothing. Class III, however, includes occupational health and safety clothing, which is used in extreme conditions: in extremely low or high temperatures, in contact with hazardous chemicals, etc. Choosing the right protective clothing is therefore more important than you might think.


BalticWorkwear is an online store with branded work clothes. Among the protective clothing for employees, we offer products that make work safe and comfortable. We believe that professional work clothes allow you to work without any obstacles and distinguish other professionals. Among the health and safety clothes we offer, among others work trousers made of elastic materials, work jackets with zippers and work jackets. The wide assortment allows you to match sets of work clothes in appropriate styles and colors, and the possibility of personalization means that many of these protective clothes will be covered with your company logo. Thanks to this, you can choose workwear for all employees in one place. Branded workwear in the Baltic Workwear store has been checked by many specialists. Our products, such as construction clothes, thermo-active workwear, 100% cotton workwear as well as workwear made of thick and strong fabric, are characterized by amazing functionality and durability.

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Which of the manufacturers of workwear is the best? Snickers workwear work clothes is a modern design and great technical parameters. The price of these workwear definitely goes hand in hand with the quality! We also recommend Engelbert Strauss among the producers of workwear. Engelbert Strauss workwear is the highest durability and refined technologies, thanks to which the brand has gained the recognition of a wide range of professionals. Men's workwear from this manufacturer has been designed in a wide range of colors, so you can match each piece of workwear to what you already have in your wardrobe. Among the best workwear, other brands deserve mention, incl. Dassy - available only in the Baltic Workwear store.

Craftsman workwear

Are you wondering which work clothes to choose? We always recommend working clothes adapted to the working conditions. Construction clothing stores often lack a selection of modern cuts, non-standard sizes and interesting patterns. Construction work clothes should be resistant to damage and resistant to dirt. Therefore, for painters and plasterers, we introduce white work clothes that look like new for longer. White workwear looks neater in this type of work, which is why we offer different styles and product categories. Workwear for construction workers is the most vulnerable to damage during work, and for this reason, we are constantly expanding the offer of the online store with OHS clothing with new, durable models. Large sizes of work clothes are also not a problem for us - professional protective clothing is produced in a wide range of sizes, including non-standard ones. If you are not sure about the size - visit one of our stationary workwear stores and try the product on site.

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Workwear in the Baltic Workwear online store is not only an offer of premium brands, but also high-quality products needed every day. For this reason, we try to ensure that even cheap protective clothing meets our standards. The best work clothes cost several hundred zlotys, but the subsequent comfort and safety are priceless. Buying cheap health and safety clothing that promises excellent properties can expose you to a waste of money. Our online store with OHS clothing offers good workwear tested by professionals, for whom the quality and durability are more important than the price of the workwear. Professional workwear is our specialty, so check the online OHS clothing offer and choose something for yourself!