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A work sweatshirt is one of the most important elements of a work outfit. It protects against superficial injuries and dirt, and at the same time keeps you warm and comfortable. The Balticworkwear offer includes durable work jackets from the best producers.

Men's work sweatshirts

Men's long-sleeved work shirts should be made of strong but comfortable materials. The most popular OHS sweatshirts are classic cotton models, sometimes reinforced with other materials. What is the difference between work sweatshirts and casual sweatshirts? Above all, resistance to damage and tearing, but also functional design. Like other work clothes, these sweatshirts are equipped with numerous pockets, a high collar or hood to protect against cold and wind, reflective elements and many other details. Fleece jackets are very popular among men's work fleeces - those made of modern materials are warm, but breathable and airy. When looking for protective sweatshirts for really tough conditions, it is worth checking out softshell sweatshirts, windproof and waterproof. For lovers of the classics, we also recommend timeless denim, blue or navy blue work sweatshirts. An important feature of professional workwear is protection against hazards at the workplace, therefore, among the basic models, you will also find specialized offers. Warning, reflective, antistatic and flame-retardant work shirts are just a few examples. Thanks to the wide offer, you can easily choose your perfect cut and size.

Sweatshirts for work

Depending on individual preferences, work jackets can be loose or fitted. It is important that the sweatshirt does not restrict freedom of movement and does not interfere with work. The Balticworkwear offer includes models of premium workwear brands in various styles - turtleneck, round neckline and hoodie. Among summer work sweatshirts, the most popular are zipped models, in bright colors - white or gray. Often, when looking for a work sweatshirt, we also make sure that it looks great every day - in this case, we recommend camo and black work sweatshirts, which can be easily adapted to a casual wardrobe. At Balticworkwear, we not only offer cheap work sweatshirts, but also enable labeling of clothing. Thanks to this, you can dress your entire team with us, taking care of a professional appearance and applying your own logo on the clothing of renowned manufacturers. Check out our range of work shirts and choose something for the upcoming season!