Coated work gloves

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Are you looking for work gloves with the perfect grip and grip? You should take a look at the coated work gloves available in our store.

Coated protective gloves - what does it mean?

Protective gloves can be coated with one of several materials available on the market. In this way, they gain better grip and grip, thus ensuring an improvement in work safety. The materials from which the gloves are coated are available in our stores: rubber, nitrile, foam latex, polyurethane and others. However, the work gloves themselves can be made of materials such as: cotton, loop acrylic yarn, polyester, graphene, etc. Some good models of coated work gloves have an additional point coating, ensuring even greater grip! There is a lot to choose from among the colors of work gloves! If you like to stand out or you are just bored with black gloves, you will also find: blue, yellow, red, gray, brown etc. With the colors you can emphasize your business outfit and give it character. Almost all models are very easy to use. If you have correctly chosen the size of your protective gloves, you just need to slip them on your hand, you don't have to do anything else. Only individual models of gloves are fastened with Velcro to better fit them to your wrists. The prices of all coated work gloves depend primarily on the quality of the materials from which they are made, as well as the manufacturer.

Coated gloves - application

In our store you will find coated protective gloves of the best, recommended brands producing workwear, such as Engelbert Strauss, Snickers and many others. Then what to choose, what material will be the best? It depends on your needs. Nitrile-coated gloves will provide you with excellent grip and dexterity, but are also resistant to oils, you can be sure that nothing will slip out of your hands. Protective gloves coated with nitrile foam will guarantee you higher resistance to abrasion, oils and greases. Coated with polyurethane will make it easier for you to work precisely with slightly smaller elements. Rubber or latex gloves are more durable. Remember to base your choice primarily on the health and safety rules in force in your work. All available protective gloves can be found in our online store at, as well as in stationary stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia. We invite! Give your hands the comfort and safety they deserve. There you will also discover leather and hybrid work gloves! Made of synthetic or natural leather, e.g. goat, cowhide, etc. Such gloves will certainly be more durable and last longer, so the prices of these will change for a higher one.