Leather and hybrid work gloves

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Any physical work requires adequate protection. Hands are particularly exposed to weather conditions, dirt or chemicals. Work gloves are therefore essential when you work in difficult conditions.

Leather work gloves for outdoor use

We can perform manual work in various sectors and fields. We will need hand protection both when working in the garden and during all kinds of works on the construction site or with various chemical agents. For assembly work, as well as any work that requires precision, we recommend, for example, lightweight Engelbert Strauss work gloves Intense Light, which are made of synthetic leather, and their flexibility allows you to perform even the most precise works. For colder days, the Engelbert Strauss e.s. gloves will come in handy. FIBERTWIN, which have been designed for winter and thanks to appropriate reinforcements, are ideally suited to work in more difficult conditions. All coated gloves are also suitable for outdoor work, while for lighter work that only requires protection of the hand surface, we recommend fingerless gloves. Leather working gloves in our Balticorkwear store meet all safety standards and are extremely comfortable.

Who is safety leather gloves for?

Leather-covered work gloves are the perfect solution for all employees of printing houses, industrial plants or car workshops. The thick coating means that even the most toxic substance does not come into contact with the skin, and the employee can perform his duties safely. However, if you work with hazardous substances, it is also extremely important to use a special face mask to protect your lungs. Protection is also provided by the Ergodyne ProFlex® 760 leather work gloves, which are designed in such a way that a special TPR reinforcement protects against impacts. This makes it possible to work in them even in the most difficult conditions. These are typical safety gloves that meet the health and safety requirements. For work with sharp objects, we also recommend cut resistant gloves that guarantee the best protection.

Where else will leather protective gloves come in handy?

Leather work gloves are part of the work clothes that will also be perfect for working in the garden. Both finger and fingerless leather work gloves can be selected for this type of activity, but it is important that the gloves are flexible and comfortable. Depending on what work you need to do and at what time of year, you can choose winter gloves, made of thick fabric and reinforced with leather, as well as universal gloves, covered with a thinner layer of natural or artificial leather. All leather work gloves are machine washable and reusable. Leather protective gloves are also a great choice if you are riding a motorcycle. Such protective gloves will eliminate the feeling of cold and will be a good protection during rides to further and closer destinations. Our offer includes a very large selection of various types of gloves. It is an absolute basis at work, so it is worth getting acquainted with the offer better.