product reviews - how does it work?

BalticWorkwear is a multichanel sales company. Our customers can buy our products in different sales channels both online and offline in our retail stores - we believe that you know better how do you like to get our products. 

This brouth us to conclusion that we cannot limit our product reviews only to customers that made purchase online in our webshop. This would be so limitating for our customers. This is also a reason why we do not verify wheather a product review was added by customer who actually bouth it. Every month we welcome new and new customers so why we should not allow them to share their valuable experience with product we sell?


Do you edit or modify customers reviews?  

Well all product reviews we verify so we can keep high standard of content on our website as we faced many inaproppriate behaviors like spam, hate speech etc. We publish all reviews. Positive, negative - those are here to help you make a correct decision. As we wrote before we do not publish reviews that are vulgar, may be consider as hate speech or unreasonable.  

What's the impact of your distribution contracts on product reviews? 

There is none. Product reviews are important part of comunication betwen clients and no distribution contract has any impact on published product reviews. 

Can product reviews be "sponsored"? 

No, our product reviews are not sponsored. However we reward customers that make an effort and add a product review. Every customer receives a discount cupon for every product review added. Gift cupons are submited only for reviews added by cutomers who actually bought a product in our webshop. All reviews are rewarded positive and negative.