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Tired of summer work shoes that don't meet your requirements? It's time to change that! Take a look at our store, here you will find light work shoes that will exceed your wildest expectations.

Men's safety shoes for summer

In the summer, after a few hours of shift, all you think about is finally taking off those old, uncomfortable work shoes? It should not be like that. Your feet deserve light and comfortable summer safety shoes. Exchange your summer work shoes for men's models from premium companies available in our store. Shoes are part of the work clothes, the choice of which depends on the health and safety regulations. Therefore, before buying, check what type of health and safety footwear your employer requires, you may have to buy waterproof summer boots with ankle cuff, with a high upper. For your own safety, it is worth investing in good work shoes equipped with a toe cap, e.g. made of composite, sheet metal or fiberglass.

Light summer safety shoes

The most important function of men's summer safety shoes is, above all, their weight, and thus - air circulation. An important element that gives the required lightness is the upper, made of materials such as grain leather, nylon mesh with PU-coated nubuck inserts, plastic and Cordura canvas. Durable 3D mesh is also a fashionable material, which provides excellent ventilation for the feet.

Prices of summer safety shoes

You can find comfortable work shoes for summer work only from proven brands: Base Protection, Engelbert Strauss, Albatros, Puma, etc. The prices of good work shoes for summer depend on the quality of the materials they are made of, as well as the safety class to which they are made. they belong. Select the safety class, eg S1, S2, S3 etc., according to the health and safety requirements in your work. The prices of summer work shoes start from 50 Euro. Summer work shoes are the part of clothing that is worth investing in. Solid Gear Onyx Low S3 shoes are currently the most expensive copy available in our store. Only the latest technologies were used to produce them. The main features of these shoes are: Cordura reinforced upper, BOA closure system, anti-puncture insole, fiberglass toe cap and high temperature resistance. These and other models of summer shoes can be found not only at, but also in our stationary stores in Nowa Sól, Poznań and Silesia.

Which summer construction shoes should you choose?

The choice of summer work shoes will not be easy, and the available assortment of our store will not make it easier for you. Which summer work shoes should you choose? First of all, you should focus on choosing airy and light shoes. Safety sandals through the ventilation openings, outside, may not fulfill their function, they can get inside, among others. sand or stones. The advantage of the ventilation openings will be much more breathability and lightness of the shoe. Perfect for driving or in a warehouse. Safety shoes will be more suitable if you work not only in the hall, but also outdoors. Summer work shoes will prove themselves both outdoors and outdoors. Warmer seasons force us to change shoes to more airy ones and almost all of them in our store are just like that. Men's summer safety shoes do not have to be trivial. Most of the available models of shoes have been made in such a style that they resemble sports shoes. With a modern cut and eye-catching look, these shoes are also available outside the world of work. Work shoes should be tried on and adjusted before work to improve comfort and safety.