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Health and safety clothing and accessories can be extremely expensive. Their price is influenced by factors such as: high-quality material, attention to detail, durability, meeting the required standards and certifications. It is worth hunting for special occasions. Good quality products at low prices can be found on the workwear sale in our "outlet" tab.

What is an outlet?

Many of us associate outlets with low-quality, defective or damaged clothes and accessories. It is worth emphasizing, however, that this belief is incorrect. Workwear on sale usually comes from the end of the collection, surplus production that has not been sold, or is post-display goods. You can also find products that have never been sold on a regular basis. The "outlet" section in the Balticworkwear store is a place where you can find products on sale - completely new workwear and accessories at a lower price than initially. It is worth emphasizing, however, that work clothes in the outlet and shoes may not be available in full size. This should be taken into account when planning purchases at lower prices. The availability of all goods is limited. In some cases, they may not have their original packaging.

What work clothes - outlet?

Our workwear outlet offers high-quality products that are perfect for employees of many industries. Work gloves protecting hands against cuts, warm and thin socks, polo shirts and classic work t-shirtsafety boots and low shoes (including foam flip-flops), jackets, work trousers, shorts and bib & brace trousers, all that are needed are very popular. is for the safe execution of activities. It is worth noting that our outlet offer also includes reflective clothing, e.g. a Portwest warning jacket. In this section you can find wardrobe for women and men.

Protective measures against COVID-19 in the outlet

To meet the expectations of our customers, in the Balticworkwear outlet, we offer high-quality products protecting against the dangers related to the COVID-19 pandemic at attractive prices. These types of products are:

  • antibacterial soap,
  • antibacterial gel,
  • a variety of other disinfectants,
  • antibacterial wipes,
  • disposable masks,
  • liquid soap,
  • disposable gloves.

What else can you find in our OHS outlet?

BHP outlet is not only about working clothes and protecting employees against the spread of viruses and bacteria. It is worth paying attention to the accessories that are extremely useful in everyday work, i.e. leather belts, mounting and screwdriver holsters, as well as safety harnesses. In addition, in our offer you will find other elements that facilitate work: Velcro abrasive discs, a case for a measuring tape, visors, tool holders, anti-noise inserts. In the OHS outlet, employees can also be equipped with protective clothing - half-masks, shoe covers, sleeves, protective aprons made of Tychem® 2000C, glasses, mesh face shields and goggles. We encourage you to check the entire offer of our diverse outlet department.

BHP outlet - is it worth buying?

Safety measures and work clothes on sale are a very good solution for both private individuals and entrepreneurs. They offer high-quality, wholesome goods at very favorable prices. Products for which this is necessary still have a guarantee. In addition, buying OHS elements in an outlet online has a huge benefit - you avoid visiting a brick-and-mortar store, where chaos and mess may reign during the promotion.