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Engelbert Strauss - a brand worth recommending

The German brand Engelbert Strauss is very well known to construction workers, workers and engineers. Work and protective clothing with an ostrich logo is the best showcase for a professional approach in every matter. The Engelbert Strauss brand was founded in 1948, thanks to which it has extensive experience and definitely stands out with the quality of its products compared to other manufacturers. The offer of this brand includes, among others work gloves, work trousers, work sweatshirts & hoodies, work caps and beanies or work jackets, and this is only a part of the extensive offer.

What work gloves does Engelbert Strauss offer?

The choice of work gloves from this brand is very wide. Many of them are a response to the specific needs of people working in a given profession, for example, Engelbert Strauss Intense Light work gloves, which are perfect for assembly work. An important issue is that Strauss gloves meet many standards, thanks to which they are a full-value product that complies with the principles of occupational health and safety. Having on your hands, for example, gloves that meet the EN 388: 2003 standard in terms of mechanical and physical hazards, we can rest assured that they will protect us against possible injuries. Among Engelbert Strauss gloves you can find products made of various materials with various properties corresponding to specific needs. We can easily find gloves that will provide us with adequate thermal protection or protection against moisture. There are gloves designed for work requiring high manual dexterity, grip and grip, as well as those that will provide protection against mechanical damage, and therefore resistant to abrasions and abrasions.

What makes Engelbert Strauss work gloves different?

Undoubtedly, you can indicate the high quality and precision of workmanship, as well as the use of modern technologies and great materials. Both natural and artificial materials are used in the production of Engelbert Strauss work gloves, including elastic knitted fabrics, polyurethane, cowhide, cotton, polyamide or synthetic leather. In addition, elements are used to improve the fit of the gloves to the hand (e.g. Velcro, elastic cuffs) and to increase the grip (e.g. additional silicone coating in the grip part).

Engelbert Strauss work gloves - comfort and safety

The great advantage of the products of this German brand is that, regardless of the function their products are to perform, they always guarantee a very high level of comfort of use. Even the most resistant to mechanical damage gloves, equipped with additional pads and reinforcements, allow the skin to breathe and prevent sweating of the hands. Some people fear that with gloves on their hands they will not be able to perform tasks requiring precision. Fortunately, manufacturers of protective and work clothing already take such issues into account and in our store you can easily find gloves that meet these types of requirements.