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Work shoes are an extremely important element of protective workwear. They are one of the most important items in the set of health and safety rules in any work where your feet are exposed to the risk of being trapped by a load.

Men's safety shoes

The selection of work shoes for work should be made on the basis of the health and safety rules in force at your position. There you will find out whether you should get work shoes with or without a protective toe cap. It is also crucial to choose work shoes for work according to the appropriate classification of safety shoes S1, S2 or S3 and others. This way you will find out what properties your shoes should have. Work shoes are the perfect choice when you work not only in the warehouse, but also outside. The main feature of such shoes is breathability, therefore they are also suitable as summer safety shoes. Some models are equipped with a breathable sole, your feet will be provided with ventilation. If you are looking for work shoes for the colder season, pay attention to insulated work shoes and safety boots. Cushioning of unevenness, protection of heels and ankles - these are the features of work shoes with a raised upper. They do not let cool, unwanted air into your feet. If you do not want to have separate shoes for each season of the year, because you work in a closed room, where the temperature is constant, we also offer universal work shoes. In them, your feet will feel good at any time of the year, because such shoes will do well in all conditions. The prices of work shoes available in our stores depend primarily on the quality, manufacturer and materials from which they were made. The price range is between 50-150 Euro.

Which safety shoes you should buy?

In our range of available products, you will certainly not get bored. You can choose from many available colors of work shoes, e.g. gray, black, blue, green, white, red, colored, with or without inscriptions, etc. You will not fall into monotony also by choosing the material from which they should be made: leather, cowhide , plastic, textile flooring, suede, etc. We want you to be able to choose your shoes from the world's best producers. That is why we cooperate with such brands of work shoes as: Engelbert Strauss, Albatros, Puma and Caterpillar. These companies use the latest technologies available, so that men's safety shoes gain a new level of comfort. Work shoe trends also change over time. Now work shoes are no longer associated with heavy, resistant, ugly shoes. Work shoes are manufactured in such a way that you also feel good in them outside of work. Over the years, even work shoes with protective toecaps have become more and more comfortable and no longer cause such discomfort as they used to be.

Safety shoes - what you should consider?

ESD (electrostatic) shoes have become a popular model of work shoes. Such footwear should be invested in when it is necessary to prevent electrostatic charging in the workplace. Thanks to these shoes, our body will not be electrified with other objects. In this way, we will avoid electrostatic discharges, which could spoil the equipment at the workplace. It is worth thinking about them when we work in places related to electronics. Before buying such shoes, be sure to check if they are a priority in your company. Another important feature of OSH work shoes is also the non-slip sole. Individual models of shoes have properties such as resistance to high temperature, water resistance, heel stabilization system, sole compliant with the SRA standard, etc. The best example of good work shoes are the Albatros Lift Red Impulse S1P ESD shoes. The entire shoe with a toe cap made of fiberglass, devoid of metal elements and meets the EDC standard, is anti-electrostatic. The sole of these shoes complies with the SRA standard, non-slip, heat-resistant, and at the same time supplemented with IMPULSE foam, which thanks to its softness will guarantee you comfort of use. In addition, thanks to the universal, unique, sporty look, it immediately catches the eye and attracts attention. You can easily put them on for a walk or a trip to the mountains, no one will notice that they are your work shoes. Such shoes are incredibly durable and, with proper care, they will definitely last more than one season. Do not save on your feet, buy decent safety shoes!

Safety shoes with toe cap and safety shoes without toe cap?

Occupational health and safety apply to every workplace. Adapting to them provides us with adequate protection and comfort during the activities performed. For the sake of your own safety, it is a good idea to choose work shoes with a protective toe cap. Shoes with a toe cap are perfect for a workplace where you are exposed to mechanical injuries, weights, etc. Manufacturers, meeting customer expectations, have invented new toe cap materials, thanks to which we have shoes with metal, composite, fiberglass, etc. toe caps in our warehouses. Work shoes without a toe cap will certainly be lighter, but unfortunately less resistant to any mechanical damage. There are also other properties of shoes that are worth paying attention to, e.g. which fastening of shoes suits you better? Laces or maybe Velcro? Never faced with the choice of work shoes before? You don't know what you need and how should you feel in them?