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Strauss work trousers are a product that needs no introduction! Absolutely the most popular work trousers, they combine innovative solutions, advanced materials and modern design.

Strauss men's work trousers

Engelbert Strauss trousers are a variety of cuts adapted to almost any job, they will prove themselves for construction workers, fitters, warehouse workers and even tilers. Strauss pants have gained recognition mainly due to the technology used and durability. 4-way stretch fabrics, an elastic waistband that does not restrict freedom of movement, pockets for knee pads and many other amenities, you will find in the models of this brand. The most popular Engelbert Strauss work trousers are the e.s.motion 2020 series - they are Engelbert Strauss workwear in various colors, from which you can easily create complete sets. At Baltic BHP - Engelbert Strauss workwear store - we offer not only these, but also many other models. In addition to classic cuts, we also offer other Engelbert Strauss work trousers: denim, bib overalls, warning and, if necessary, even welding trousers. A novelty is the white Engelbert Strauss painting work trousers, with a special masking pattern applied to them.

Strauss fitting pants

Strauss work trousers are available in many attractive colors and designs. Models from the most popular series of work pants Engelbert Strauss are, among others, in blue, gray, red and black, as well as in camo. Bright yellow and orange are the bright colors to choose from among the Strauss reflective trousers. If high-visibility trousers are not a requirement for your work, but you want to ensure visibility and safety, we recommend Strauss work trousers with reflectors. For work at higher temperatures, we recommend Strauss, breathable summer work trousers made of breathable materials.

Price of Strauss work trousers

The prices of Strauss work pants start from around PLN 300 - a reasonable amount for decent work pants. Most importantly, the Engelbert Strauss work trousers have excellent opinions among professionals working in even the toughest conditions. The sizing of Strauss pants allows you to fit them perfectly, so you don't have to compromise - you can look great and enjoy the strength and comfort of the pants. Engelbert Strauss work trousers are also available in women's sizes, which is why we have expanded the offer with proposals for women.