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Which safety socks to choose?

Wearing workwear is very important to ensure comfort and safety at work. When buying health and safety clothes, you should not forget about underwear. It is just as important as protective clothing and footwear. Work socks are no less important. It is not worth giving up on them when completing clothes for work.

The key is that men's work socks, but also their women's counterparts, are made of high-quality materials. These fabrics must be resistant to abrasion, but also allow free air flow. 100% cotton work socks are the best. Natural fabric is breathable and pleasant to the skin of the feet, which prevents chafing and abrasions. Not only are men's cotton working socks popular, but also those made of bamboo fiber and synthetic fabrics with innovative properties.

It is worth choosing men's working socks that have reinforcements in key places - thanks to this they will be durable and additionally support the protective properties of work shoes.

To ensure comfort, it is extremely important that safety socks are equipped with a non-compressive welt. Thanks to this, problems with circulatory disorders and swelling can be avoided. Pressure-free work socks are a guarantee of wearing comfort. Especially in combination with work boots with a high upper.

It is good for work socks to have a flat seam when joining them over the toes, which will prevent abrasions.

Summer work socks

Properly selected work socks not only increase the comfort of the feet, but also protect against diseases. Working for many hours in difficult conditions, wearing poorly chosen socks, the feet overheat and sweat, which can lead to skin and nail diseases. That is why it is so important to choose work socks for summer, in which the back part has a looser stitch or mesh structure. This helps with ventilation, heat and moisture removal. In summer, it is also worth choosing short work socks. The offer even includes feet. Breathable work socks can also be worn outside of work.

Winter work socks

In winter, safety socks for the winter are essential, both when working inside and outside the plant. Those that will protect your feet from the cold. Winter work socks must have thermal insulation properties. Most often, their outer layer is covered with wool to protect against heat loss. Warm work socks provide thermal comfort, excellent thermal insulation, while draining moisture. Wool socks are thin but very warm. Long work socks will be a better choice for winter than their short counterparts.

Protective socks - which brand to choose?

Most of the recognized manufacturers of workwear and underwear offer work socks. Each brand uses innovative materials for their production to make them durable and comfortable. Mund has a wide selection of work socks. They are happy to use Coolmax material in their products, which is responsible for wicking sweat and moisture. A well-known manufacturer of work clothes - Dassy also offers work socks, which are made of technical materials, thanks to which they guarantee thermal comfort for feet. You can also buy Brubeck thermoactive socks. The well-known manufacturers whose work socks we offer include Snickers, Engelbert Strauss and Solid Gear.

Socks for working in difficult conditions

First of all, we buy work socks with the intention that they will serve for many hours during long hours of work in difficult conditions. That is why models that, in addition to cotton, contain synthetic fibers are much better suited. Their admixtures make work socks more durable.