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Stationary hardware stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia

Don't like buying tools in the online store? Would you rather see and evaluate the quality of the professional tools we sell? Are you looking for a good and cool hardware store? We invite you to our stationary stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia. We are happy to advise you on any matter related to precision hand tools.

Professional and basic tools

Here you will find tools and accessories of the best reputable companies: such as: Engelbert Strauss, Toughbuilt or Hultafors. For the sake of your safety and work efficiency, manufacturers make every effort to ensure that all tools: construction, technical, service, DIY, etc., are of the highest quality. Do you work many hours away from home and you like to drink warm coffee during breakfast time? Nothing is lost! For the sake of your comfort and well-being at work, we have introduced, among others, thermoses, thermo mugs and food containers.

Construction tools

Every professional wants to be equipped to work with their good, professional, solid and proven tools. However, times are changing and newer and newer technologies are also appearing. Go with the times and browse the tools of Polish and foreign manufacturers from our online store! We highly recommend our measuring tools, incl. collapsible or foldable rules. Our workshop accessories, apart from being made of the best materials available, are eye-catching thanks to their modern design.

Cutting tools

Are you interested in not large but very sharp professional handheld work tools? Be sure to take a look at the knives available from us. Ideally suited to the work of a painter, DIY enthusiast, warehouse or construction work. Our basic and professional sharp tools include: craft knives, heavy-duty knives, snap-off knives, etc. Are you an organized person and you like to have everything with you? Fitter's belts, pockets and tool bags are something you may like. You can put in them the specialist tools necessary for work and more.

Prices of health and safety equipment

The prices of professional protective equipment available in our store depend primarily on the materials they are made of. Cheap, poor-quality technical tools will not fulfill their function. Only premium products are available in our online store - absolutely worth the price.