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Work sandals are an indispensable element of anyone who works indoors or behind the wheel. When choosing men's leather, suede or microfiber work sandals, it is worth remembering about their proper care.

Men's work sandals

A warmer season is approaching and you do not know which summer safety shoes to choose? Do you work in a heated warehouse all year round? In our store you will find sandals and safety shoes adapted to higher temperatures. Remember that work shoes are one of the health and safety requirements. If you decide to buy men's work safety sandals without a toe cap, the shoe will be lighter, but not protected against impacts. Work sandals without a toe are OB safety class, we do not recommend wearing them in environments where you may be exposed to explosions, weights or smooth slippery surfaces. For such spaces, it is worth investing in shoes with a higher safety class, incl. S1, S2, S3 or ESD anti-electrostatic work sandal. Occupational health and safety shoes of these classes are equipped with a sheet metal or composite toe cap and an anti-puncture sole. Some models of work sandals are equipped with reflective elements. Thanks to this, your feet will be safe, in rooms with insufficient lighting.

Why is it worth investing in safety sandals?

Men's safety sandals do not have to be monotonous. When choosing, you do not have to limit yourself to the boring black color, here you will find white, blue, gray and two-color work sandals.

Our assortment includes lightweight BASE JUDO S1P work sandals. The use of composite toecaps, not metal ones, makes these shoes ideal for long hours of working on the legs. These OHS approved shoes will provide you with safety, comfort, as well as a unique, modern and universal look. The air vents make them breathable and airy sandals. For the sake of your safety, these summer work sandals with a toe cap are additionally equipped with a special anti-puncture insert. Despite the use of advanced technologies in the production, you will find shoes from this company at an affordable price.

Men's work sandals in our store can be purchased in the price range from PLN 89 to PLN 399. The cost of construction sandals depends largely on the materials they are made of and the safety class they belong to. Do not save on shoes and your feet will be grateful to you.

Which safety sandals to choose?

We assure you that the work shoes you buy from us will not fall apart after two days of use. We introduce safety sandals to our store only from well-known and appreciated global brands. We choose manufacturers of safety shoes, including sandals with a toe, based on the opinions and experiences of our customers. Your opinion is important to us. If you decide to choose sandals as safety shoes for work, try on and adjust your shoes beforehand. Make sure in advance which fastening of work sandals suits you best - Velcro or laces? Remember that comfortable safety sandals should be combined with appropriate socks and inserts with ventilation channels and perforation. This will provide you with additional comfort of work. Can't find your size? Write to us, we will try to solve this problem. Don't like ordering summer work shoes online? Nothing is lost! We also invite you to buy safety sandals in our stationary stores located in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia. Come, try it on and choose the shoes you feel best in! Do not forget to leave an opinion about the health and safety sandals bought from us for work.