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Masks and half-masks with a specific protection class protect us against undesirable particles. That is why it is extremely important to equip yourself with solid protective masks.

FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 half masks - what does it mean?

FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 indicate the protection class and filtration efficiency of the indicated half mask. The FFP1 is designed for low dust concentration, FFP2 medium dust and FFP3 high dust concentration. Before buying, be sure to find out what protection class applies to your workplace. Your purchases should depend on it.

Protective masks with a filter

In our store, there are half-masks and protective masks with a filtering layer or made of multi-layer filtering material - polypropylene, elastomer, etc. You can choose a mask with a place for a filter or a cotton mask with an already built-in filter.

Reusable protective masks

Reusable protective masks are made with the thought of making you feel comfortable in them, so that nothing disturbs you. It is very important that you carefully match the mask to your face. Reusable half mask respirators are usually of a universal size, you can easily adjust them to your face, while the more complex ones, e.g. with filters - can be found in specific sizes. The available colors of the protective masks are: black, blue, white, green or two-color. In addition to half-masks, pay attention also to full-face protective masks. Maybe they will suit you better.

Disposable protective masks

Are you looking for disposable face masks? The three-layer respirator is what you need. You can buy disposable respirators in a multipack of 10 or only one separately. The advantage of disposable masks is the ease of use, and the disadvantage is that they will not protect us as well as filtering masks with a valve.

Anti-dust respirators

Dust respirators will prove themselves especially in works where your respiratory tract is exposed to all hazards in the form of aerosols, i.e. dust, fumes, mists, as well as gases and vapors. We recommend them primarily for work in the following industries: metallurgical, varnish, chemical, ceramic, etc. Here, too, you should pay attention to the safety class.

Prices of protective masks

The prices of face masks are very different, they depend on many factors. Mainly from the material from which they were made and the safety class to which they belong. The quality and accuracy of the product also have an influence. Certainly, reusable masks will be more expensive than disposable ones.