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Fleeces have always been associated with the colder seasons of the year and the warmth that they give back to us then. And rightly so! Fleece sweatshirts are a guarantee of warmth and freedom.

Fleece work sweatshirts

Work fleece is no longer considered ugly and unattractive. Manufacturers of men's working fleece take care of the modern and unique design of the clothes they sell. In our store you will find work fleece only from the best recommended global brands, such as: Engelbert Strauss, Dassy, ​​Snickers and others. Do you need a work fleece with a print? No problem. For each fleece you can order your own personalized inscription, e.g. your company name.

Reflective work fleece

There are plenty of men's fleece options in the variety of workwear available. There is a lot to choose from, you don't have to limit yourself, here are the colors of fleece sweatshirts available from us: green, blue, black, gray, white, red. If you are looking for a warm warning fleece jacket, we also have one in our offer. Yellow color of reflective fleece with reflective stripes - it will provide you with additional safety and visibility after dark. The search for workwear should be based on the specifications and requirements of the job. Before buying, check whether your work requires compliance with the applicable standards of workwear related to visibility.

Fleece for work - what to choose?

When the colder season is approaching, we want to make sure that we are warm and comfortable at work.

Almost all men's working fleece available from us will provide you with outstanding thermal insulation, as well as satisfactory protection against wind and cold. Some of the work shirts are made of 100% polyester, thanks to which the material will dry very quickly after soaking or dampening. Do you appreciate warmth and ordinary fleece is not enough for your work? Take a look at the thick work fleece with a hood. The hood will give you extra protection against wind and rain, and the additional material will give you even more warmth. We also recommend men's working fleece sweatshirts with a zipper. A zipped fleece sweatshirt is a perfect alternative to work for those who move a lot during the day. Did you feel hot? You can just open the zipper and reduce the temperature! Most sweatshirts have a chin cut protection at the end of the zipper. Be sure to check out our fleece insulated softshell sweatshirts & hoodies too! In the interest of your well-being, individual pieces have been supplemented with a fleece layer. An example of such a sweatshirt is the Softshell Engelbert Strauss e.s.motion 2020.

In our online store and in stationary stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia, you will find large and small sizes of men's fleece sweatshirts. If your size is not available, don't be discouraged! Write to us, we will try to help.