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Dassyworkwearis a Belgian company that has been producing workwear for almost half a century. Thanks to such a long experience, the brand was able to refine its products and improve their production methods in order to be able to offer its customers high-quality, practical elements of workwear at good prices. MarkDassyhas been trusted all over Europe. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

WorkwearDassy- what's on offer?

Our range of workwearDassyit is very wide, thanks to which it will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. INBalticWe have health and safety at work:tank tops,sweatshirts Dassy- functional, working with hood and without and warning,fleece,jackets(winter, reflective, sotfshell), classic and polo shirts, as well as work trousersDassy. In addition, the assortment of this manufacturer includes accessories available from us:boots, winter hatsandwith a visor, knee pads, belts and braces, socks, tool bags. It is worth emphasizing that the company's productsDassythey are perfect for both women and men.

TrousersDassy- what is worth knowing about them?

Comfortable and functional pants are one of the most important elements of workwear in many different industries. They deserve special attentiondungareesDassy Magneticmade of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, available in our store in 5 colors. Their undoubted advantages are:

  • manyreinforcementsaffecting endurance,
  • adjustable pocketsfor knee pads on the knees,
  • water resistance,
  • many practical pockets (2 rear pockets without flaps, zip-up zip closure,cargoon the leg, external installers with tool holders, as well as a place for ID cards, a knife and a mobile phone),
  • reflective elements,
  • elastic waistband.

Moreover, in our offer you can findDassy dungarees work trousers. They are amazingconvenient and practicalthanks to the use of elastic stretch inserts under the knees, on the back and on the hips, as well as a tailored cut. The use of these solutions does not restrict movement and allows you to perform your duties freely. Reinforced pockets allow you to have the necessary tools with you, and a place for an ID tag makes it easy to store it. An important element of dungareesDassyareadjustable suspenderswhich allow the pants to be adjusted to the user's height. An interesting proposition in our store arework shorts Dassy. It works wherever a full leg cover is not required. Their extremely well-thought-out design means that they have a lot of space for storing tools, and at the same time significantly increase the comfort of working at high temperatures.

ClothesDassy- durability, protection and style

Dassypants, sweatshirts and other work items are featuredhigh qualityandresistance to damage. It is worth noting that they were made of high-quality materials that meet the requirements set for work clothes. ClothesDassyhas the necessary certifications that distinguish high-quality, safe work clothes. Their production uses extremely practical solutions that allow for faster and safer work. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the distinguishing feature of workwearDassyis an interesting, timeless design.

Are work clothesDassyonly suitable for work?

WorkwearDassyit will be perfect not only when performing professional duties, but alsowith houseworkifminor renovations. In addition, as mentioned above, it has an interesting, classic design. Therefore, this company's wardrobe items can be successfully used on a daily basis and during trips. Our clients can successfully put on during private use: sweatshirtsDassy, jackets, vests, T-shirts and caps. The high quality of the products will ensure that they will serve for years. Our store serves not only business and individual customers.

More about workwearDassy...

DassyWorkwearit's oursnumber one in the workwear industry. The excellent quality of workmanship in each stitch is related to the company's many years of experience in the production industry. ClothesDassyWorkwear is the result of many years of work of designers, buyers and the design team. As a result of the work, a brand was created that produces high-quality brand workwearDassy. If you are looking for comfortable stretch work trousers, be sure to check out the D-FX and FLEX collections. Comfort will be guaranteed by work trousers and sweatshirts made of high-quality materialsDassyenriched with inserts of elastic material.

Stretch insertswork to your advantage, and you can forget about problems such as abrasions or torn work pants in the crotch. 4-way stretch fabric will give you complete freedom. Work clothes created byDassythey also have interesting colors and cuts. Here you will find slim fit work trousers, matching jumpers and jackets that you can easily wear every day.

Remember also about team work, i.e.uniform dress for your entire team. WITHDassyWorkwearit is possible. If you need work pants and a sweatshirt of the same color thenDassyWorkwear gives you this opportunity. Workwear for women? No problem, we will dress both the male and female part of your team.

Remember that you can buy original clothing of this brand only from us. We provide you with professional support from our customer service team in choosing the right clothes.