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Brand offerEngelbertStrauss

Our store offers a wide range of brand productsEngelbertStrauss. ThisGerman manufacturer of workwearproduces the highest quality work clothesStrauss, andsafety shoesand personal protective equipment. ClothesStraussthis among othersdungareesglovesjacketssweatshirtstank tops,work shirtsand even caps.

EngelbertStrauss- a leader among producers of workwear

WorkwearStraussstands out from other brands that make up this type of assortment. Working clothesStrausscharacterizesfashionable style,very high comfort of useandconvenience. For the production of work clothes of this brand, special materials are used that are not only very durable, but also flexible, which ensures appropriate ergonomics. ClothesStraussare equippedfunctional pocketsthat allow you to keep the necessary work tools with you, but also accessories such as a mobile phone or a pen, without the risk of accidentally falling out.

Advantages of workwearEngelbertStrauss

Workwear EngelbertStrauss provides body protectionagainst mechanical hazards, while maintaining very good movement properties. This is primarily about features such asflexibility,adhesion, ifcatchiness(in the case of gloves). The clothes of this brand have elastic inserts, which greatly facilitate work in difficult conditions, allow for a comfortable change of position, and make working while straddling or kneeling is not as strenuous as in ordinary, unadjusted clothing.

This German brand is appreciated all over the world, gaining recognition for its very high quality,precision of workmanshipbut also thanksapplication of innovative solutions.An example is flexibleFlexBelt beltwith which the work trousers are equipped. Thanks to it, this item of clothing can be worn without using an additional belt or suspenders, moreover, the belt made in the PlexBelt system does not compress the belt, while keeping the pants in place.

Straussworkwear is made of materials that meet the specific needs of employees of various industries and professions. The offer includes made garmentsmade of fabrics covered with a hydrophobic layer, which guarantees extremely effective protection against moisture and water. Also noteworthy are the extremely flexible materials that are at the same time highlytear-resistant.Straussclothing proves that work clothes such as jackets, trousers or gloves do not have to be thick and uncomfortable at all in order to ensure safety during work even in difficult conditions.

What distinguishes the brandEngelbertStrauss?

Important features of premium brand workwear are alsoaerationandbreathabilitythanks to which working even at high temperatures is not as strenuous as in the case of wearing ordinary work clothes of low quality. It is possible thanks to the use of materials aboutspecial structure, but also the use of innovative vents that support air circulation.

What else is worth knowing about work clothesEngelbertStrauss?

StoreEngelbertStraussin Poland

EngelbertStraussis a brand that is already developing on the German marketfor over 100 years. The company produces high-quality workwear with a modern design. The main doctrine that guides the manufacturer is the Enjoy Work slogan and in this trend the brand produces high-class comfortable and functional workwear.

Store expected for a long timeEngelbertStraussin Poland, it is finally available for you 24 hours a day. At, we strive to introduce a full range of brand work clothing and footwear. While guaranteeing fast delivery and constant availability of products, we are the preferred supplier of this brand's products. Our offer includes products from head to toe. Starting with the pantsStraussthrough sweatshirts, T-shirts, shoes and accessories of this brand.

Work clothesStraussit is characterized primarily by high quality and durability.Proproducts of this German brand are used by hundreds of companies in the construction and industrial sectors. The modern style in which the manufacturer has created Engelbert clothes makes customers willing to wear them for work and everyday use.


The most popular product sinceStraussthere are of course the pants from the Motion 2020 series. You will find the popular flex-belt system at the waist, i.e. an elastic belt. The trouser belt adjusts to the current body position thanks to the elastics used. An additional characteristic feature is the opening vents in the legs of the Motion 2020 pants. After opening the zippers, you will feel a pleasant breeze of air, thanks to which working in high temperatures is easier.