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Mascot Workwear at BalticWorkwear

Check out Mascot Workwear - ideal products for professional use for craftsmen, builders and other professionals. Our offer includes a wide range of products that combine durability, functionality and comfort to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. The product collection includes, among others, Mascot men's work trousers, including craft trousers with pocket bags, light work trousers made of flexible materials, Mascot Workwear work shirts and winter and rain jackets. In our store, you can dress your team in Mascot clothing from head to toe.

What Mascot Workwear work clothes can you find at BalticWorkwear?

In our online store you will find a full range of Mascot Workwear work clothes. BalticWorkwear is the official distributor of Mascot clothing. In our store you will find:

  • Mascot work trousers,
  • Mascot work shorts,
  • Mascot work T-shirts,
  • Mascot work shoes,
  • winter jackets and winter trousers.

Mascot Advanced pants most popular Mascot Stretch pants

Mascot Advanced work trousers is synonymous with advanced technology and innovative solutions. Equipped with stretch material, they provide maximum freedom of movement and comfort while working. Thanks to the elastic material, advanced stretch work trousers are extremely comfortable and at the same time durable. Mascot functional trousers from this series have pockets on the knees, which increases their functionality and protection. The Advanced series of trousers answers popular user inquiries about Mascot stretch pants - if you are looking for this model, you should reach for the Advanced series.

Mascot Advanced work trousers are made of innovative ultimate stretch material that stretches in 4 directions. Thanks to the use of technically advanced materials, Mascot trousers are super light and comfortable.

Mascot Customized Series trousers, innovative functional trousers for professionals

If the functionality of work trousers is important to you, you should pay attention to the Mascot Customized series. This is a modern series of high-quality work trousers with innovative solutions that make work easier. You will find previously unseen features in work trousers, such as magnetically closed pockets and attached tool pockets made of Cordura material. What many users will certainly like about the Customized series are the different leg lengths not only in long trousers but also in work shorts.

Mascot high visibility work clothes

Safety at work is crucial, that's why our offer includes Mascot work warning signs. Models such as hi-vis pants provide excellent visibility even in difficult conditions. Additionally, they are available in various series, such as the Mascot Safe Supreme Series, which combine functionality with a high level of protection.

Why choose Mascot Workwear?

Mascot Workwear is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. Thanks to the variety of series and models, every user will find something for themselves. Durable Mascot trousers, equipped with numerous features, such as hanging pockets and knee pockets, are the perfect choice for professionals. If you already know the catalog numbers of Mascot trousers, you can easily find the right size on the BalticWorkwear website thanks to our search engine. Also remember that the sizes of Mascot Advanced trousers range from very small 42 to very large sizes up to 68.