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Mechanix- the history of the leader in the creation of gloves

Mechanixis an American brand that already exists on the marketfor over 25 years.Its origins are associated with the NASCAR race track, where in 1991 a 24-hour car race was held. The Daytona crew and mechanics were equipped with brand glovesMechanixwhich turned outdirt-resistant, they assuredfirm gripand they wereabrasion resistantand tears. Thanks to all these advantages, glovesMechanixthey were reliable and Dayton was unbeatable. This undeniable success has become the driving force behind the company's development and expansion to other industries as well. Today you can see mechanix gloves in special forces, in the police, in the gym and on the cinema screen.

For whom work glovesMechanix?

Mechanixis the undisputed leader in the work gloves market, but not only. After car racing successes,work gloves Mechanixhave become popular in the industryindustrial and workers. Thanks to the fact that an increasing number of entrepreneurs appreciated the advantages of this brand's products, it could continue to expand its range, thus responding to the needs of new professions and professionals who work primarily with their own hands. With timeMechanixgloves began to be used as wellathletes, above allCrossfit practitioners, participating in obstacle runs, or cyclists. Therefore, the offer of this brand includes both work glovesMechanixwhich will work perfectly in the case ofworkers, builders, employees of special units (firefighters), but alsotactical glovesMechanixwhich are a response to the needs of military units.

Mechanixgloves - "a work tool that adapts to your hands"

Proglove makersMechanixset themselves the goal of creating a product that does just thatprotects your hands while working, but alsowill make it easierwhereas with many work gloves the manual options are significantly limited. Great fit of the cut of the glovesMechanixanduse of the best materialsmakes them amazingcomfortableeven fit the hands. Additionally, glovesMechanixm-pact protects your hands from impact.

What else distinguishes work glovesMechanix?

It is worth paying attention to the materials from which the gloves are madeMechanix. Of course, the type of material used is tailored to the needs of the performer of the specific profession for which the gloves are made.Prothe ducent of these amazing gloves uses bothsynthetic leather, whatnatural, as well as other materials that undergo a mechanical treatment, as a result of which they gain such features as resistance to mechanical damage, while ensuring high comfort of use, including moisture management and water resistance. Our store offers:

ProWe provide gloves from different manufacturers, aMechanixit is undoubtedly one of the leading and recommendable.

More about glovesMechanix...

SleevesMechanixthe gloves that American mechanics call it all started. Specially designed for the service teams of American high-speed racing cars. Today they are worn by workers in many industries. Working glovesMechanixis probably one of the most recognizable brands in the world producing high-quality hand protection.

GlovesMechanixfor work and more

In the wide collection of products you will find models from the familyMechanixMpact, then the classic alreadyMechanixOriginal with a characteristic print on the upper part. In our offer you will also find interesting proposals of tactical glovesMechanix, which are perfect for law enforcement, the army, and also for Sunday fun in ASG. If you are interested in opinions about glovesMechanixjust look at the card of one of the products of this brand. There you will find real and reliable opinions from users of these products. You can also watch the video presenting the gloves on our youtube channel. Work glovesMechanixare produced by the brandMechanixWear, present for several decades on the American market of safety products.