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SnickersWorkwearis a Swedish manufacturing brandPremium quality workwear. Perfect materials and precision of workmanship, carefully thought-out shape and design make the pantsSnickersWorkwearhave already found their fans. Top-selling collections such asAllroundWorkifFlexiWorkThey have certainly revolutionized the way we wear our work trousers.

Snickersis primarily a brand for lovers and enthusiasts of convenience, comfort and maximum usability. Forget badly sewn pockets, uncomfortable crotch, poor design. We don't even want to take these pants off after work. In our opinion, a craftsman, just like every specialist, should invest not only in his skills, but also in equipment and his workwear, thanks to which every day at work will become a real pleasure for him. The brand's collections extend to all fields of work, from mining industry workers, through typical craftsmen, to road workers. Every enthusiast of professional workwear will find something for themselves.

The employer has a statutory responsibility to provide the employee with work and protective clothing in order to protect his private clothing as well as health and life. If the employer is able and willing to work in his own clothes, he is obliged to pay the employee an equivalent. When choosing an outfit for work, it is worth paying attention to clothingSnickers, whose wide offer can be found in our store.

Brand workwearSnickers

As mentioned earlier, the job of workwear isprotection of the employee's private clothes against dirt and damageand minimizing the risk of an accident at work. Usually it is needed by employees who perform tasks on machines and devices.Snickers Workwearis a wide range of products that will work in any industry, for both sexes. In our store we have: high qualitydungarees of different lengthsas well as overalls and practical dungarees,jackets, vests, warmsweatshirts, fleece, T-shirts, shirts and underwear. Our store offers not only work clothesSnickers, but also accessories - knee pads, gloves, tool carriers (vests and tool belts as well as hammer holders), belts, braces, bags, caps, head covers and socks. Clothes are very popular among employees of many industriesSnickers with reflective elements.

What protective clothing is in the brand assortmentSnickers?

Protective clothing is used in industries where the life and health of an employee may be at risk. Its task is to protect it against the effects of: atmospheric, biological, chemical, mechanical and thermal factors. In this categorySnickersthe clothing in our store is of high quality: underwear, outerwear, second layer and fleece protection, first layer, underwear, as well as hats, balaclavas and sock head covers,work gloves, knee pads.

Advantages of workwearSnickers

Snickersclothes will be tested for many industries, thanks to a very wide range. Additionally, it is worth noting that work clothesSnickersthishigh-quality clothing, including reflective and for work in unfavorable weather conditions, which protects the employee against hazards resulting from the specificity of work in a specific environment. Brand big advantageSnickersthere is a wide possibility of personalizing clothing throughadding a selected company logoor any inscription. This makes the products of this brand perfect as service clothing. Thanks to the high elasticity of the clothesSnickers, it is possible to perform activities comfortably and freely.Multiple sizesproducts allows you to adjust them to the dimensions of (almost) each employee.

Work clothesSnickersand protective clothing has been designed to avoid overheating of the body during work, which further increases the comfort of use. It is also influenced by the high quality of materials used in the production of clothesSnickers.

It is worth noting that clothesSnickersstand out by manycertificates, including:

  • meet the requirements of Directive 89/686 / EEC on personal protective equipment
  • confidence in textiles (OEKO-TEX®) - clothing production is carried out in a responsible, safe and transparent manner,
  • EN ISO 20471 for high-visibility garments,
  • EN 14404 for knee pads,
  • EN 388 for gloves,
  • EN 343 for rainwear,
  • EN ISO 15797 related to the process of testing the properties of clothing, thanks to which they are fully safe, functional and durable.

You can buy in our storegift setscomposed of brand productsSnickerse.g. a cap and a belt, as well as the possibility to pack selected products as a gift.