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Caterpillar isAmericana company operating in the marketsince 1925. It became famous for the production of construction and mining machines and engines. Over the years, the company has been successively expanded to start producing work shoes for people working with CAT devices in 1990. Their high quality made work shoes todayCaterpillar are used by employees of many industries around the world.

What are the characteristics of CAT work shoes?

In the company's offerCaterpillar high class are featured on our sitework boots-shoesandbootiesso you can take advantage of themin most industrieswhere foot protection is needed. They are mademade of high-quality materialsmaking them extremely durable and an investment for many years. It is worth choosing footwear with a rubber, non-slip sole. Thanks to choosing in betweensteel and composite toecap, the type of footwear can be perfectly matched to the expected level of protection of the employee's foot and toes. It is worth noting that thanks to their design, this brand's shoes also protect: the bottom of the foot, heels, ankles and Achilles tendons, which provides fullsafe work. In addition, some CAT shoes do haveanti-puncture solewhich will be perfect for e.g. construction sites. It is worth emphasizing that selectedCaterpillar boots are resistant to short-term exposure to high temperatures300 ° C.

ShoesCaterpillar - what is their class and what could it be?

The footwear protection class is determined bythe degree of protection of the foot against damagesuch as: crushing, cutting or puncturing. CAT shoes in our offer are in3 classprotection. The first isS1. It is very light and breathable footwear that will be perfect for working in easy conditions on warm days. They are not suitable for contact with water. They protect the foot against crushing. A closed heel area is required and energy absorption in this area is required. Another type of CAT shoes in our store are those with protectionS3. They may have occasional contact with water. Their task is to protect the foot from crushing and puncturing. As in the case of S1 class shoes, it is necessary to have a built-in heel and energy absorption in this area. An important feature of this type of footwear is the resistance of the sole to oils and gasoline and its profiling. Class shoesS1Pthey are not suitable for contact with water, but they protect the foot not only against crushing, as in the case of the S1, but also against puncturing. They must meet the conditions specified for S1 footwear and have an anti-puncture insert made of sheet metal or Kevlar.

What standards do CAT men's shoes meet?

ShoesCaterpillar complies with a number of standards set out in the regulations. Among the most important, we distinguish:

  • SRAmeaning no slip on a ceramic floor covered with SLS detergent,
  • SRCmeaning no slip on a ceramic floor covered with SLS detergent and glycerol,
  • HROindicating the sole's resistance to contact with the ground at high temperature.

ShoesCaterpillar - where to buy?

A wide offerCatYou can find erpillar shoes in online health and safety clothing stores - e.g. on our website. in additionCaterpillar work shoes can be purchased on the manufacturer's website, as well as in stationary wholesalers supplying enterprises with working and protective clothing.

How to clean shoesCaterpillar?

In order for CAT work shoes to retain their properties and good appearance for longer, it is essentialcleaning and maintenance of them. For this purpose, each time after finishing work, wipe them thoroughly with a wet cloth or sponge to remove dirt. Do not use strong chemicals to wash them, as it may destroy their coating. It is crucial to remove "aggressive" substances from the surface of CAT shoes, such as lime or oil, which may cause the material to crack, lose its properties or loosen the seams. Do not forget to clean the soles of your work shoesCaterpillar. In the case of leather shoes, it is worth using additionally caring and impregnating paste.

More about work shoesCaterpillar

Work bootsCaterpillaris equipment for special tasks that is not afraid of harsh conditions. The solid American design of the shoe combined with a modern form is an absolute sales hit. We present brand work shoesCat. Every day associated with heavy construction equipment as well as excavators. Now brandCathas entered other industries with a wide variety of working models. Starting with the popular honey shoesHolton, which are the flagship footwear in the brand's offer. Then through modern products such asCat Bywayor more budget shoesCat Moor.

We call them popularlyCat'ami, the manufacturer's shoes are distinguished by a really solid construction of the shell of the shoe. The combination with a strong sole gives an excellent effect. Usually, the shoes of this manufacturer are made in the S3 protection class. Shoes of this class always have a protective toe cap and a safe insole made of plastic. The work footwear department cooperates with the casual footwear department. As a result, the brand's designers bring solutions and trends introduced in collections for everyday use into the world of work shoes, and then achieved a surprisingly good effect. ShoesCaterpillar, although they belong to work shoes, they will give you the right style.

ShoesCatand you can often meet with fans of the American style, including, for example, construction machinery operators and drivers who willingly choose accessories for their work clothes from this brand.

Not only these work shoesCaterpillar

A common purchase of workers and construction crews is alsoTelephoneCatwhich has won many fans because of its reliability and durability. Telephone manufactured byCatit is resistant to dust as well as dust. Also, falls from heights are not afraid of him. Ideally suited to the harsh conditions in which operators of construction machinery work.