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Toughbuilt accessories are products for real craftsmen. The American brand offers tool belts, tool bags, pockets and loops for workshop tools - all made of extremely durable materials , solid and perfectly made to serve you for years. When browsing Toughbuilt products, you also cannot ignore knee pads - this is the basis for safe and comfortable work.

Toughbuilt tool bag - where to buy?

Are you looking for genuine Toughbuilt accessories? Check out the Baltic BHP offer! What makes these products different from other tool bags? Toughbuilt pockets are tailored to the needs of professionals . Pro jektanci brand watch craftsmen working style, looking for solutions that will save you time and money, and at the same time raise your working efficiency at an unprecedented level. If you want to work more conveniently, faster and smarter, organize your tools. With the Toughbuilt system, you can have exactly what you need on hand. A large tool bag for a screwdriver, a tool bag for an electrician, or maybe a small pocket for a hammer? Toughbuilt accessories keep up with the times, so you can even find gadgets such as a secure smartphone cover.

Which Toughbuilt assembly belt will be the best?

This question is asked by many professionals. A tool belt should be durable and well-made , with a solid buckle. Some models of Tougbuilt assembly belts can also be combined with a tool belt harness, thanks to which you will relieve the hips and evenly distribute the weight of the tools. Instead of taking your entire toolbox to work, equip your belt with the necessary pockets and bags . You know best how you want to configure your kit and Toughbuilt gives you this opportunity! Consider whether you only need a basic assembly belt for lighter jobs or if you need extreme support in your daily tasks. Whichever tool belt you choose, the Toughbuilt will meet your expectations.

Toughbuilt Electricians Bags & More!

Do you need specific tools for your work or do you only have the necessary accessories with you? In the Toughbuilt product family you can choose from small tool pockets, e.g. for a knife or measure, as well as sturdy tool bags. Most models of tool bags are equipped with the ClipTech fastening system , so you can attach them to any part of your clothing, toolbox and wherever you need it. In addition, the brand's offer includes a special wall organizer that will make it easier for you to store your pockets in your workshop. The Toughbuilt tool pocket and bag system is an innovative way to better organize your work.

Which Toughbuilt knee pads should I choose for the job?

If you choose Toughbuilt work knee pads , you can be sure of an excellent choice. Knee pads of this brand are a variety of models, from gel knee pads , through foam and others. The best-selling Toughbuilt Gel Fit Fanatic model has been recognized by many experts as extremely durable and comfortable knee pads. Among the other models of Toughbuilt protectors, it is worth paying attention to those with special overlays - you can choose overlays that protect delicate surfaces, or those that provide better stabilization. The brand's offer includes professional knee pads for every budget.