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MarkAlbatrosis one of the best known manufacturers of work shoes.The company belongs to the ISM concern, which was founded in 1930in Lippstadt. Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable brands producing work shoes.

Shoes and workwearAlbatros

AlbatrosthisGerman brand,known for high-quality products, which mainly produces shoes.Proprofessionalwork boots Albatrosfor many years they have been popular with blue-collar workers who pay attention tolightness of shoes and durability of materials,the shoes are made of. Depending on the type, safety shoesAlbatrosare made of various types of materials. In most cases, business shoesAlbatrosHowever, they are made of breathable materials that allow the foot to feel comfortable for many hours. A very important element in the case of this company's shoes is themdesign- are made according to fashionable styles, characterized by streamlined shapes and beautiful colors. Among the different types of shoesAlbatroswe can distinguish among otherswork shoes Albatros Ultratrail lowS3 ESD, made of smooth leather with black and red textile inserts, breathable, non-slip work shoesAlbatros Lift Red ImpulseS1P ESD or slightly lighter work sandalsAlbatros Bluetech Air Low. These are, of course, just a few examples - both low shoes and work sandals,Albatroshas much more in its offer.

ShoesAlbatros- opinions

Safety shoesAlbatrosenjoy very good opinions from satisfied customers. Lightness and professional workmanship make the footwearAlbatrosisa great option for anyone who, apart from safety at work, also values comfort and well-being- and it results primarily from the great design that will gain recognition even among the most demanding shoe lovers.Albatrosit's shoes thatyou can wear it for many hours of workat the factory as well as on the way home. They are light and airy, which will keep your leg from getting tired. Before you decide to buy, you can search the Internet for "shoesAlbatrosopinions ”- they will certainly give you a better overview of the popularity of the brand's productsAlbatros.Albatrosit mainlyhigh work boots, but we also suggestwork sandals.

In addition to shoes, the companyAlbatrosalso produceswork jacketsmade of weather-resistant material.

Who is the company's shoes forAlbatros?

ShoesAlbatrosit is not only a good proposition for all employees of production halls or other places where work shoes are required. Due to the fashionable design and lightness, work shoesAlbatrosmay also be suitablefor everyday workaround the house, and even jogging or everyday activities. Their lightness and comfort, however, have the advantage that you do not have to take them off and put them on before and after each shift - you can easily go to the plant in them and then return home. This is an exception among all work shoes - we recommend you give it a try. Brand shoesAlbatrosiscertifiedandskid resistantSo they are one of the safest work shoes possible.

More about the brandAlbatros...

Albatrosare work shoes manufactured by a German brand created to operate wherever the priority for users is safety and comfort. The company was created to meet the requirements of the world's largest corporations, which already know that the basis for efficient work is to create comfortable working conditions for employees.Good cushioning, energy absorption andhigh-quality securitythese are the features of the safety shoes produced by the brandAlbatros.

End uncomfortable shoes at work that keep you counting down every minute to the end of your shift. Choosing one of the brand's footwear modelsAlbatrosyou will ensure your comfort, even if you spend several hours a day on your feet.

Lightweight work shoes with a sporty lookis primarily the Lift Red and Lift Blue series which are perfect for use in warehouses, for drivers and for light finishing works. If you are looking for shoes for construction crews, you must check out the modelAlbatrosUltratrail S3, which has a waterproof membrane, a composite toe cap and an anti-puncture insert.

Albatroshas been producing work shoes for almost 40 years, supplying the largest production companies with shoes for employees. You can find shoes of this brand, for example, in VW factories.