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Excellent quality, durability and great design - this is how you can briefly describe Caterpillar work shoes. Characteristic style, strong materials and incredible ease of use distinguish this brand from the competition. Check out the Caterpillar work shoes in the Baltic Workwear offer and choose the model for yourself!

Cat safety shoes

CAT safety shoes are famous for their solid workmanship, which is why they are eagerly chosen for work in extremely difficult conditions. The brand, which we know as a manufacturer of construction equipment, designs models using modern technologies and the best materials, and thanks to the experience in selling everyday footwear, CAT BHP shoes maintain a great, almost civilian look in line with current trends. The CAT men's work shoes perfectly reflect the brand's character - they are strong, durable and authentic models for everyone who wants maximum comfort while working. In the Baltic BHP store, we offer Caterpillar work shoes of various styles and protection classes.

Cat safety footwear

S3 protection class is the most common among Caterpillar work shoes. CAT S3 work shoes are not only winter models, but also universal proposals, with a composite or metal toe cap. Caterpillar S3 work shoes are often waterproof, leather or strong plastics, and in the case of winter styles - insulated, and at the same time equipped with moisture-wicking inserts and lining. The Caterpillar brand offers men's and women's work shoes: classic work shoes, high work shoes, construction shoes or shoes with sheet metal. The most popular among Caterpillar summer work shoes are Byway and Roadrace, as well as CAT work sandals. The most popular men's winter work shoes by CAT are, among others Gravel and Munising. Need CAT Women's Work Shoes? Contact us, we will try to help!

Prices of Cat safety shoes

Caterpillar is a good, durable work shoe that is definitely worth the money. The best models of CAT work shoes cost up to several hundred zlotys, but you can buy basic products from about 75 Euro. CAT safety shoes are distinguished by durability and high quality, which is why they are a good investment - they will last longer than ordinary models from the market, thanks to which you will enjoy the comfort and save time searching for new shoes every few months. CAT construction safety shoes convince professionals, among others an incredibly solid sole - in many models it is glued and sewn at the same time, which is rare these days.

Is it worth to buy Cat safety shoes

If you care about the best safety work shoes, CAT will be the answer to your needs. You can try on Caterpillar CAT work shoes before you buy them in our stationary stores, e.g. in Poznań - before visiting the store, check if your size is available. We guarantee that once you put on Caterpillar safety footwear, you will not return to other models. CAT OHS safety shoes are reliable, durable models in great style.