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The issue of safety is a priority, so it is worth taking care of it by purchasing a first aid kit. It is one of the most important elements of safety at work.

First aid kits with equipment

Mini first aid kits will certainly not work in the workplace. It is important that the company's first aid kit is supplemented with the necessary elements, nothing must be missing from it. To keep the first aid kit for longer, not just for one season, make sure that it is made of thick plastic, in the form of a suitcase. This will protect the materials inside from dust, etc., and will withstand more than first aid kits in fabric packaging. You do not have to replace such first aid kits every time the materials run out, you just need to replenish them and continue to use them for many months! These first aid kits will be useful primarily at construction sites or warehouses.

Car first aid kits

The first aid kit is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of health and safety rules. It is required not only in the workplace, e.g. in a warehouse, but also in our company car. As employers, we are therefore obliged to provide our company with a first aid kit. First aid kits are available in our store, which will work well both in the company and as personal, private first-aid kits for homes or cars. An important feature of car first aid kits is that they should be portable so that we are mobile and can take them with us in the event of an accident. Remember to also equip yourself with disposable gloves.

Company first aid kits

In our stationary store in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia, professional and amateur first aid kits are available. The company first aid kit should be professional with full equipment. Some models are equipped with a special mount, this will allow you to attach the first aid kit to the wall. A hanging first aid kit in a visible place in your workplace, thanks to its eye-catching color, will be easy to locate when needed.

First aid kit prices

The prices of health and safety first aid kits with equipment depend on how much of this equipment is inside, which it has been supplemented with. The material from which it was made is also an important aspect. If it is a large, professional medical first aid kit, it will not be as cheap as a small and basic mobile first aid kit. Professional first aid kits are equipped with a set of necessary resources to provide emergency first aid and even save a life.