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Engelbert Strauss work shoes are a combination of high-quality materials and modern design. The brand is famous for the production of high-quality footwear and workwear, thanks to which it has gained the recognition of professionals not only in Poland, but also around the world.

Engelbert Strauss safety shoes

Strauss work shoes offer includes models for every season and for every type of work: for builders, fitters, warehouse workers and drivers. The most popular Strauss shoes include work shoes with different protection class. Strauss summer work shoes are made of light and airy materials, even when equipped with a toe cap and an anti-puncture insert - therefore they are suitable for work in high temperatures. Strauss winter boots also provide thermal comfort, and at the same time are often waterproof and breathable. Decent work shoes are a guarantee of safe and comfortable work, which is why most Strauss models are equipped with, among others, with shock-absorbing insoles and double-layer soles that relieve the spine and joints. Among Engelbert Strauss shoes with S1 protection class, they are eagerly chosen, among others Baham and Romulus models. On the other hand, the Enelbert Strauss S3 shoes, to which our customers most often return, are, for example, the Kastra and David models. The Engelbert Strauss safety shoe is easy to choose for the job - if you need welding shoes, ESD or work sandals, Strauss has something for everyone.

Prices of Engelbert Strauss safety shoes

At what price will you buy Strauss shoes? It all depends on their parameters and protection class. The basic models of Engelbert Strauss shoes cost from about 50 Euro. You can buy Engelbert Strauss winter work shoes, as well as S3 models, from 70 Euro. Opinions about Engelbert Strauss work shoes are clear - Strauss footwear is durable and comfortable, and you can feel the difference from the very first try on. Importantly, the Engelbert Strauss work shoes are women's and men's models, so everyone will find something for themselves here. Strauss safety shoes in the Baltic BHP offer are a variety of designs and styles, so you can choose Strauss work shoes stylized as sports sneakers, classic shoes, as well as colorful shoes. If you have not yet tested Engelbert Strauss work shoes, do not hesitate and choose a model for the upcoming season. You do not have to worry about a mismatched size - we offer a quick and easy return using parcel machines. You will look and feel professional in well-chosen work clothes, so in addition to shoes, see also Engelbert Strauss work clothes.