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Eye, face, head and hearing protection are personal protective equipment. Their task is to protect the health of the employee against harmful factors that he or she will encounter while performing professional tasks. The law precisely defines the type of work during which protection is required.

Head and face protection measures offered at the Balticworkwear store

Products related to the protection of eyes, face, head and hearing allow you to complete a set that allows for comprehensive protection of the employee. The first category of products in our store are earmuffs in 3 categories: from 87 dB. up to 98 dB., from 95 dB. up to 110 dB. and from 94 dB. up to 105 dB, which allows for the perfect selection of protection depending on the sound intensity at a specific workplace. Hygiene kits available at BalticBHP extend the life of the protectors and restore their required properties. In our store you can also buy earplugs to protect against lower volume sounds. In order to protect the entire head, our store offers protective helmets in various colors, thanks to which the employee is not only safe, but also visible. The models presented in our offer are extremely light, so they do not hinder the performance of duties. In addition, we offer a variety of accessories that facilitate work and enable the repair of a damaged helmet. In the field of eye protection, we offer safety glasses, as well as accessories for them - cases and cleaning tissues. Our offer also includes protective goggles. Face protection products offered by us are face shields and welding helmets.

Eye and face protection Health and safety - what to pay attention to when choosing the equipment?

Protection of the face, health and safety at work, eyes and hearing should meet a number of standards in order to be a safe product for employees. Elements of this type allow for the ideal protection of health and life and elimination of the consequences of accidents at work, which may occur, inter alia, in due to the lack of proper protection of employees. When choosing protection, one should take into account its class, which depends on the frequency and time of operation in the protection. An important aspect when selecting protective equipment is also the need to use one or more measures. In the second case, it is worth using integrated protective measures to ensure maximum safety and comfort of use. The key aspects are also the necessity to move employees in protective equipment and the temperature at the workplace. In addition, the type of protection should be selected depending on the threats that the employee may encounter while performing their duties. Aspects often ignored by employers, but the comfort of the user of the protective equipment is extremely important. Its adaptation to the shape and dimensions of the head or face significantly improves the comfort of work, and thus improves the performance of activities. When choosing the equipment, it is also worth considering the probability of limiting the performance of certain activities that are necessary in a given position, which may result from the use of face, health and safety protection, eyes or hearing.