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In our store you will find only proven models of Puma work shoes, made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, when you buy from us, you can feel safe!

Puma S3 safety shoes

All safety shoes in our store belong to safety classes. Puma work shoes include various safety classes, incl. S1, S2, S3. The Puma work shoe class means that the shoes you choose guarantee the safety of your feet at a certain level. Thanks to the assigned class, work safety shoes are equipped with, for example, a protective toe cap made of sheet metal, which will protect your feet against impacts with energy up to 200 J. Puma shoes are known primarily for sports shoes, and thus comfortable, airy, light and flexible. Can you imagine work shoes as comfortable as sports shoes? Try Puma safety work shoes and you will find out how great it feels. Feet will not tire of heavy shoes, and long shifts at work will not bother you so much. An additional advantage of this company is that the work shoes also retain their sporty, unique appearance.

Puma S3 safety boots

Are you looking for safety shoes whose price will be adequate to the quality and the choice is satisfactory? Puma work shoes are available in various styles, such as: safety sandals, boots, low shoes and in various color variants: white, black, blue, etc. You can change shoes, like gloves, and you will still have a lot to choose from. We are well aware that the choice is not easy, so try to focus on the selection of shoes that meet the safety requirements at work. An important factor is also the time of the year, in our store you will find high and winter Puma work shoes, but also those adapted to the warmer seasons. It does not matter whether you work outside or inside the building, the shoes, thanks to good ventilation, will cope with all conditions.

Prices of Puma safety shoes

Our range of Puma work shoes offers a wide range of options. Regardless of whether you need Puma men's work shoes with a plastic or metal toe, all Puma work shoes with prices and opinions can be found on our website. All of them are made of modern, tested materials for the sake of your safety. The price of these shoes depends largely on the protection class and parameters. In the online and stationary stores in Poznań, Nowa Sól and Silesia, you will also find Caterpillar safety shoes and Engelbert Strauss safety shoes popular among our customers. If you live nearby, check us out and try on the shoes that catch your eye. See for yourself that the materials of our articles are of the highest quality.