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Solid Gear is one of the most recognizable brands of premium work footwear. If you do not know this manufacturer yet, you may be convinced that the owner of the brand is Hultafors - a group associating e.g. Snickers Workwear or Hultafors Tools. These are companies known for their solid quality and modern design. Solid Gear shoes will work even in the most difficult conditions, all thanks to the use of durable materials and attention to detail. Try Solid Gear footwear and throw cheap work shoes to the bottom of the closet.

Solid Gear safety shoes - quality follows the price

Solid Gear are top shelf shoes, so you can say that they are an investment for a long time. These men's safety shoes are distinguished by a sporty design, they look almost like trekking shoes. They are by no means cheap work shoes. If you are interested in sturdy work shoes, this brand is for you. How are these safety shoes made? Let's discuss it on the example of the Solid Gear Hydra GTX model, about which there are sensational opinions. Fans of leather work shoes often complain that they are not breathable enough - in Solid Gear the upper is a combination of leather and durable RipStop Cordura fabric, resistant to tearing and damage. These are shoes with a GORE-TEX membrane that needs no introduction! It protects against soaking, but at the same time is breathable, so even after many hours of work these work shoes are breathable. Moreover, no waterproof shoes will be as comfortable as those with a membrane. Do you expect your shoes to be non-slip? With Solid Gear GTX you can count on a Vibram rubber sole with SRC and HRO parameters. Most Solid Gear work shoes have a BOA binding. BOA work shoes won the hearts of professionals with their exceptional comfort. Instead of laces, steel lines are used, which are easy to tighten with a knob. Thanks to this, you will better adjust the shoe to the foot, and after work you can quickly and efficiently take it off with one hand movement. Solid Gear models with BOA include Oasis, Hydra GTX, Phoenix GTX or Onyx Low. One of the most popular proposals with a classic binding are Solid Gear Falcon shoes. They look like men's mountain boots, but in reality they are high work boots. These ankle boots have a sturdy sole and provide good cushioning for every step.

What safety protection class you should choose when buying Solid Gear safety shoes?

Solid Gear work shoes are available in different protection classes. Our offer includes Solid Gear S3 products, but also S1P. Shoes with a protective toe cap often stand out from competitors' offers because of the use of modern materials. Fiberglass toe cap gives more room for fingers and is also lighter. Having such a choice, you can opt out of working shoes with a sheet. Work shoes with a metal toe are still available from many manufacturers, but in our opinion, it's time to give a chance to modern, innovative solutions. The highest level of safety will be ensured by an anti-puncture insert. It is as safe as steel, and a much lighter composite insole allows for a more natural foot movement. Thanks to this, you can bend the foot more freely, without getting tired while working, e.g. in a kneeling position. Metal-free work shoes are a must in many industries, so you will finally find the product that's right for you, even when it comes to S3 work shoes. At Solid Gear, you have a large selection in this protection class - you can order work shoes, but also work shoes such as sneakers, resembling sneakers. Lightweight work shoes are now so accessible that you don't have to tire yourself all day long. If, for example, you are not interested in work sandals, feel free to choose summer work shoes with a breathable lining and an upper that wicks away moisture.

Solid Gear shoes reviews

Craftsmen have a clear opinion, there is no shoe on the market as durable as Solid Gear. The price of Solid Gear shoes may seem high, but the opinions are clear: it's worth investing in. If you do not know where to buy Solid Gear from an official distributor, be sure to check out our offer. Models available immediately, with 24-hour shipment, simple returns and excellent service - this is our health and safety store. Before buying, you can read the reviews of our Solid Gear Polska ambassadors. We chose real craftsmen, working in conditions like you, to test the Solid Gear men's and women's shoes without mercy. Regardless of whether you are looking for electrician shoes, hall shoes or driver shoes, everyone will find something for themselves at this manufacturer. A better working day is at your fingertips, all you need to do is choose comfortable and safe Solid Gear safety shoes. The Baltic BHP online store offers you original and proven models of this brand. In our online health and safety warehouse you can choose winter work shoes, summer safety shoes, women's work shoes and other products for the whole year.